This blog describes the process and inspirations for the creation of Kanika Marshall's mixed media sculptures.

Category: Metal Art


| 01 February, 2012 20:15


  Kanika's Recycled Steel Over one month had passed since retiring from my day job of 36 years.  After hosting a holiday studio show, preparing for Christmas, participating in a Kwanzaa show at the Crocker Art Museum, hosting a party on New Years Day, and thoroughly reorganizing my closet, it was time to focus on doing something different for the Annual Valley Sculpture Artists (VSA) competition. 


As detailed in several previous blogs, working with recycled metal has become one of my latest manias (Metal Mania, Bliss in the Studio, A Day in the Metal Shop).  But I never tried applying colored patinas to the metal (besides using heat to produce rainbow colors in the metal). I, the Queen of color with clay, glass and fabric was producing silver-colored metal works.  That had to change.