This blog describes the process and inspirations for the creation of Kanika Marshall's mixed media sculptures.


| 31 July, 2015 22:15

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It was time to think about making another five small wall artworks for the 2015 Small Treasures show in Elk Grove. I loved making the Wisdom of Trees series last year and decided to do something similar this year. The welded steel Spirit of Trees series came together so beautifully!


This year, I wanted to maintain some of the semi-rusted character of the recycled steel.



I used white, yellow, red, green, violet, and blue green solvents dyes to make these colors.



Layers of solvent dyes and acrylic paints were sprayed with a clear gloss sealant:



All artists would use five 5x7" pine boards as a backing for their choice of media. I chose those with knots and striated growth lines the add character for this Tree series.


I consulted with an elder to help me choose five of the 14 metal slabs I had welded and painted to be mounted on the wood. He also helped me choose names for each piece.



What do you think should be done with the other 9 welded slabs that I made? Drill a hole in the top center so they can be hung on a wall, or spin from a tree? Should they become a tabletop? Any other ideas???